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Guardian Portfolios


A low-cost managed portfolio service designed to grow and protect investment and pension assets by smoothing long-term returns and minimising maximum drawdowns.

Our unique managed portfolio service is conceived to help protect investment and pension portfolios from major stock market falls, mitigate sequence of returns risk, and reduce volatility allowing investors greater confidence in consistent returns.

The Guardian portfolios use a traditional diversified asset allocation model that is refined using trend following and market sentiment indicators on a regular basis.  In times of market weakness,  equity and fixed income allocations could be reduced.

Our six Guardian portfolios invest predominantly

in low-cost passive index trackers and could be especially useful to protect income paying, drawdown portfolios by smoothing longer term returns which allows Financial Advisers to plan with greater accuracy and confidence.  Our Guardian portfolios are designed to assist in an efficient, reliable, low-cost decumulation pension strategy.

Decumulation investors could hold a combination of cash to support their early income requirements and a Guardian portfolio that focuses on providing consistent returns and capital protection to reduce the sequence of returns risk to drawdown portfolios.

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Focused on growth and capital preservation


Diversified global asset allocation of passive index tracker funds, active alternative funds and fixed income funds for growth while minimising costs.

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Reduced volatility


Smoother long-term returns, supports more accurate cash flow modelling.

Reduced volatility

Avoid maximum drawdown


Addresses sequence of returns risk, protects investments and pension assets in times of market stress.

Avoid maximum drawdown

Management Fee



Equity Range


Defaqto Rating

Guardian Speculative Portfolio

0% - 97%

Guardian Adventurous Portfolio

0% - 85%

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Guardian Strategic Portfolio

0% - 70%

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Guardian Balanced Portfolio

0% - 60%

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Guardian Cautious Portfolio

0% - 45%

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Guardian Defensive Portfolio

0% - 30%

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Guardian Portfolios All Factsheets

Guardian Brochure

Guardian Quarterly Report

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Decumulation Strategy

The predicament faced by income seeking investors is downside sequence of returns risk and the potential impact this has on future capital values and income withdrawals.

A very real danger to long-term income investors is the potential damaging impact of early falls in a pension fund value causing a reduction in long-term capital values, also known as sequence of returns risk. This impact is magnified when income withdrawals are needed creating a ‘double’ fall in values. Research into sequencing risk shows that an early fall in an investment creates a long-term impact on capital values which can aff ect the long-term viability of income withdrawals. Also during decumulation, the process of selling the underlying assets for income when the market is falling has a greater impact on the reduction of the underlying capital.

The Crossing Point Guardian portfolios seek to minimise sequence of returns risk, volatility and maximum drawdowns by smoothing long-term returns through the combined use of asset allocation and trend-following tactical trading. This double layer of volatility control allows financial advisers to plan ahead with greater accuracy over future returns.

Crossing Point Guardian strategies are designed to protect capital values of income paying portfolios allowing retired investors to take an income from a portfolio with greater confidence.

Examples of how our Guardian strategy works

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Guardian Trend Following During A Crisis

Guardian trend following during a crisis document shows how the strategy worked in back testing during the 2008 crisis and live through the Covid-19 crisis.

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Sequence of Returns Risk

This document demonstrates the impact that the sequence of positive and negative rates of return can have on an investment.

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Guardian Decumulation Strategy


The Guardian decumulation strategy document displays the effectiveness of the Guardian portfolios as a decumulation strategy.

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