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Crossing Point brings together the very best of academic analysis and investment expertise.

Our Story

Crossing Point Investment Management was conceived in 2014 and formed in 2018 based on the conclusion of extensive academic research into an investment philosophy established upon diversified asset allocation models that were refined using trend following and tactical trading.  Our investment strategies are stringently based upon exhaustive and robust research and testing, backed up by MSc and PhD research papers. 

We further refine our asset allocation decision making process by including research on market sentiment indicators to run alongside our trend following market data.


These historical and current indicators influence the weighting of geographical and sector allocation at our monthly reviews for our Guardian and Fusion portfolios and quarterly reviews for our Passive, Growth, Green Path and Heritage portfolios.

Our advanced trend following algorithms monitor the relevant strength or weakness of individual markets and individual funds offering us further insight for fund selection while also allowing us to decide how much or how little we wish to participate in both equity and bond markets.


The market sentiment indicators can collectively calibrate the level of confidence in the global economy.  Market sentiment factors offer additional data to decide the level of market participation in a traditionally diversified asset allocation.

These measures help to inform us when to be fully invested in equity or fixed income assets and when to reduce these allocations to revert to safer assets. This process responds to evolving market conditions with each major stock market and fund monitored independently.

The combination of a traditional diversified asset allocation model that is refined and modified on review based upon both academic analysis of the upward or downward trends in markets and the measure of overall confidence in these markets can help reduce volatility and maximum drawdowns as well as enhance overall return.


Our academic analysis represents the best in a modern investment process and delivers on cost, risk and performance.

The Crossing Point MPS portfolios use diversified asset allocation models to gain full global asset class exposure. We analyse each fund held in our portfolio on the basis of performance, risk and cost.

We have created six distinct MPS investment solutions each with several different risk-based portfolios to use exclusively or as a diversifier within part of a larger asset allocation.

Guardian portfolios hold low-cost equity and bond assets to capture upside growth and aim to manage volatility to protect portfolio values from downside losses. 

Fusion portfolios bring together low-cost index tracking funds and funds from leading active fund managers in order to capture upside growth and aim to manage volatility to protect portfolio values from downside losses. 

Passive portfolios hold equity and bond index tracking funds on a buy and hold basis to capture upside capital growth at a low cost to the investor.

Growth portfolios bring together low-cost index tracking funds and leading active fund managers. This portfolio range is aimed at growth. 

Green Path portfolios invest in a globally diversified range of funds which are rigorously screened using ESG criteria. 

Heritage portfolios seek long-term capital growth through investing in leading established investments trusts.

"The default position of our Guardian and Fusion MPS portfolios is to be invested in equities to gain capital growth but we tactically trade out of equities and into alternative safer assets when our algorithm signals a market decline. We enhance investors returns by minimising market downsides. When markets signal a recovery, we return to equities to capture the upside."

Prof Mike Buckle

Prof Mike Buckle

Investment Manager

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