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Our resource library contains all the brochures, portfolios, guides and questionnaires from Crossing Point.

Document Resource Library


We offer a comprehensive range of risk controlled multi-index and ethical portfolios along with a long only investment trust portfolios.

IFA Documents

Introduction Form

Our introduction form is used by IFAs when submitting new business and further business to us via their chosen platform. This form allows us to register and track the investment.

Investment Summary

Our Investment Summary is a client facing document that explains our service and our costs to an investor.

Investment Policy

Our Investment Policy Statement is a client facing document that explains the expectations, benchmarking and risks associated with our portfolios.

Target Market Assessment

Crossing Point has defined target markets to help investors assess whether a specific portfolio in the Crossing Point Portfolio Management Service might be a suitable investment.

Costs & Charges

The costs and charges for each of our portfolios at the end of each month are detailed for both our current allocations which have been based on our trend-following recommendations and the default allocations if we were fully invested.

Due Diligence 

Our due diligence document provides insight into our business and investment management.

Suitability Document 

This document can assist with your regulatory requirements to confirm suitability of your recommendation. Other areas of our website will provide information that is regularly reviewed and updated. 

Client Documents

Guardian Trend Following During A Crisis

Guardian trend following during a crisis document shows how the strategy worked in back testing during the 2008 crisis and live through the Covid-19 crisis.

Drops and Recovery

Greater reductions in portfolio value require even larger gains to break even again. This document displays the subsequent percentages needed to recover from a loss.

Trend Following Research and Examples

This document gives a brief overview of a few key academic articles which have researched trend following, as known as time series momentum, through the use of moving averages and crossovers.

Financial Ratios Explained

Financial ratios explained can be used to give a quick overview of the some of the financial indicators to clients.

Sequence of Returns Risk

This document demonstrates the impact that the sequence of positive and negative rates of return can have on an investment.

Impact of Cost

This document demonstrates the impact high costs can have on the final value of an investment.

Guardian Decumulation Strategy

The Guardian decumulation strategy document displays the effectiveness of the Guardian portfolios as a decumulation strategy.

Guide to Retirement Income

This document is a guide to retirement income portfolios and details a 3-way portfolio split between short, medium, and long-term objectives.

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