Our Solutions

Three separate platform-based dynamic discretionary managed portfolio services encompassing decumulation strategies, ethical investment and closed-end funds.

Guardian Portfoilos

A low-cost tactically traded portfolio service designed to grow and protect investment and pension assets by smoothing long-term returns.

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Green Path Portfolios

A low-cost actively managed portfolio service dedicated to sustainable growth through the use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment values.

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Heritage Portfolios

A low-cost actively managed portfolio service designed for long-term capital growth through the use of investment trusts.

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Crossing Point is a discretionary investment manager bringing together the best of academic analysis and investment expertise to create reliable investment returns at lower risk and lower cost.

Our portfolios are globally diversified and access capital markets through low-cost index-tracking funds. We analyse international stock markets for movement and momentum.

Our proprietary algorithms monitor and signal when to participate in a rising market and when to withdraw from a declining market. We aim to provide our investors with consistent returns at lower risk and lower cost.

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MIFID II: Cost and charges transparency

We think you will be very impressed by our cost and fund charges

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What makes us different?

Unlike many established and incumbent investment managers, Crossing Point does not rely upon static buy and hold strategies. We see these strategies as outdated and expensive. We are fund selectors, asset allocators, market monitors and tactical traders.

Our advanced algorithms monitor and signal when to buy, hold or sell capital assets allowing us to participate in up-markets and reduce exposure to down markets providing consistent returns at lower risk and lower cost.

Tomiko Evans Chief Investment Officer
Crossing Point is changing the direction and expectation of investment management. We hold equity assets to capture upside growth but use tactical trading to protect portfolio values from downside losses.

Tomiko Evans

Chief Investment Officer

Who are we?

As an IFA, your focus is on making a difference to your clients. To help them plan ahead and make to most of their money. To give them peace of mind. To help them budget and to spend where necessary. To ensure their futures are enhanced.

At Crossing Point, our job is to provide options.

We have created three distinct investment solutions each with a number of different risk-based portfolios – to use either exclusively or as part of a larger asset allocation.

  • Guardian portfolios are designed to provide attractive and consistent returns, while aiming to minimise volatility, drawdown, sequencing risk and cost.
  • Green Path ESG portfolios select investments that support the wellbeing of our environment and society.
  • Heritage portfolios utilise investment trusts to increase diversification and reduce fees over longer investment horizons.

Discover today how Crossing Point's range of portfolios can provide your clients with strong, consistent risk-controlled returns.

Our Latest Investment News

monthly portfolio update

Monthly Portfolio Update
April 2020

All Guardian portfolios have outperformed across all time periods. Our further statistics such as volatility, maximum drawdown and sortino ratios are all also better than the relevant benchmarks.

Corona virus economic impact

Covid-19 outbreak market update

Although there was a rally in market values this week, we do not yet feel that there is enough information to decide to enter Guardian portfolios back into the markets. Guardian portfolios are desi...