Crossing Point brings together the very best of academic analysis and investment expertise.

Crossing Point

Our Guardian and Green Path portfolios offer risk-adjusted, dynamic, volatility-managed portfolios. They aim to create consistent returns through differing market conditions by capturing the upside and protecting capital on the downside.

Crossing Point Investment Management was conceived in 2014 and formed in 2018 based on the conclusion of extensive academic research into an investment philosophy established upon trend-following and tactical trading. Our investment strategies are stringently based upon exhaustive and robust research and testing, backed up by MSc and PhD research papers.

Unlike many established and incumbent investment managers, we do not rely upon static buy and hold strategies. We are fund selectors, asset allocators, market monitors and tactical traders.

Our advanced algorithms monitor and signal when to buy, hold or sell capital assets allowing us to participate in upmarkets and reduce exposure to down markets providing consistent returns at lower risk and lower cost.

Investment Management

Crossing Point is changing the direction and expectations of investment management by not only offering the benefits of global stock market growth, but by managing downside risk through the use of trend-following strategies.

Our active management process uses a sophisticated and adaptive algorithm which responds to evolving stock market conditions with each geographic equity sector monitored individually.

We have created three distinct investment solutions each with a number of different risk-based portfolios – to use either exclusively or as part of a larger asset allocation.

Guardian portfolios are designed to provide attractive and consistent returns, while aiming to minimise volatility, drawdown, sequencing risk and cost.

Green Path ESG portfolios select investments that support the wellbeing of our environment and society.

Heritage portfolios utilise investment trusts to increase diversification and reduce fees over longer investment horizons. Due to the nature of investment trusts, Heritage portfolios do not use trend-following.

Discover today how Crossing Point's range of portfolios can provide your clients with strong, consistent risk-controlled returns.

Crossing Point is changing the direction and expectation of investment management. We hold equity assets to capture upside growth but use tactical trading to protect portfolio values from downside losses.

Tomiko Evans

Chief Investment Officer

Tomiko Evans Chief Investment Officer

Disrupt - V. to radically change

The greatest steps forward in business have often been initiated by thinking that has disrupted prescribed or accepted processes.

The most successful corporate disruptors challenge on cost, delivery, convenience and performance. Some of the very best examples revolutionising our behaviours and perception include the likes of Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb. Products such as smart phones are triggering constant changes in our habits.

Tracker funds and exchange-traded funds were a market disruptor in their own right. Global tracker funds have grown at an exponential rate in recent years allowing retail investors effective and cheap access to markets that were once exclusive to institutional investors. However, their general use has been quite unsophisticated. Crossing Point has taken all the advantages of trackers and reinvented their use.

Our default position is equity investment to gain capital growth but tactically trade out and into gilts or bonds when our algorithm signals a market decline. We enhance investor’s returns by minimising market downsides. When markets signal a recovery we return to equities to capture the upside.

Prof Mike Buckle

Investment Manager

Prof Mike Buckle Investment Manager

Challenge - V. to call (something) into question

Crossing Point’s Guardian and Green Path portfolios are based on accredited asset allocation models and use tracker-funds to gain full global asset class exposure. Our dynamic, technical rules-based analysis actively informs us when to hold equities and when to revert to the security of safer investments.

This process has been shown to signifi cantly reduce volatility and maximum drawdowns, while providing consistent capital returns. Crossing Point is a positive disrupter in the world of investment management. Our unique algorithm represents the best in modern investment philosophy and delivers on cost, accessibility and performance.

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Crossing Point is a discretionary investment manager bringing together the best of academic analysis and investment expertise to create enhanced investment returns at lower risk.

Crossing Point Brochure
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Fund Selection Criteria

Our fund selection criteria document provides insight into our selection process.

Fund Selection Criteria

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