Our service is designed for the exclusive use of clients of professional financial advisers.

Supporting IFAs

Our discretionary investment management services are only available to investors through independent financial advisers (IFAs) via their recommended platforms. Having been established with the support of IFAs, we understand IFAs concerns and deliver the solutions needed to look after their investment mandate.

Your problem

The ever-growing responsibility of regulation and compliance is making financial planners delegate non-core aspects of their role in order to de-risk their business, regain time and resources and in doing so concentrate fully on financial planning advice.

IFAs are in increasing numbers passing the research and management responsibilities of running money over to discretionary fund managers (DFM) or model portfolio solutions. A major growth area has been platform only DFMs. The main benefit that platform only DFMs offer over traditional DFMs is that platform only fully maintains the client relationship with the introducing IFA. Platforms DFMs have no access to or knowledge of the end investor. There cannot be a conflict of interest.

Our Solutions

The MIFID11 regulations have advanced the requirement for advisers to provide targeted solutions based upon investment needs. We have therefore linked our portfolios to specific objectives.

  • Accumulation Strategy
  • Decumulation Strategy
  • Index Tracking Strategy
  • Closed Ended Strategy
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy


We are not analysts or individual stock pickers and therefore do not carry the cost of this type of research and analysis. We are fund selectors, market monitors, asset allocators and tactical traders. Our investment decisions are evidence and rules based using advanced algorithms and computer models. We utilise established risk related asset allocation and trend following tactical trading volatility management.

Our processes are primarily computer driven and uses low cost index-tracking funds, exchange-traded funds and investment trusts as our underlying core holdings. We are determined to offer IFAs a low-cost effective solution for their clients.

Cost and Charges 0.30%

Portfolio Our Fees Fund Costs
Weighted TER
Guardian Defensive 0.30% 0.21% 0.51% View
Guardian Cautious 0.30% 0.19% 0.49% View
Guardian Balanced 0.30% 0.16% 0.46% View
Guardian Strategic 0.30% 0.15% 0.45% View
Guardian Adventurous 0.30% 0.13% 0.43% View
Green Path Cautious 0.30% 0.37% 0.67% View
Green Path Balanced 0.30% 0.38% 0.68% View
Green Path Strategic 0.30% 0.38% 0.68% View
Heritage Cautious 0.30% 0.48% 0.78% View
Heritage Balanced 0.30% 0.57% 0.87% View
Heritage Strategic 0.30% 0.62% 0.92% View
Heritage Adventurous 0.30% 0.71% 1.01% View
Heritage Dividend Cautious 0.30% 0.51% 0.81% View
Heritage Dividend Balanced 0.30% 0.59% 0.89% View

Excludes platform, transaction and incidental charges

Our investment portfolios are available on the following leading platforms
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Performance Reporting

All of our portfolios are benchmarked against the most relevant national average or sector benchmark. We publish portfolio fact sheets every three months in order to provide information on relative returns. Investors will receive quarterly valuations from the host platform and this website will provide insight, commentary and due diligence.

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Environmental and Ethical Investors

We recognise the finite nature of global resources as well as the need for good practices in business. There is a growing investor influence placed upon companies to conduct their business in a responsible way. The power of investment capital is changing policy and board room thinking. To support this movement, we offer investors seeking ethical, sustainable and responsibly governed investments, a range of portfolios that fully comply with sustainability and ESG principles.

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Accumulation Investors

The desire for long term capital growth is best served by investing in risk-based capital assets. Our accumulation portfolios utilise the best forms of underlying asset namely Investment Trusts and index- tracking funds.

Investment trusts due to their closed end structure, discounts and gearing opportunities are invariable better equipped to achieve long term capital growth as compared to OEIC funds. Investment Trusts have an enviable history of performance, but are underutilised by the IFA community, perhaps because of the higher profile of OEIC’s.

Index tracking funds offer low cost and easy access to an entire stock market, providing investors with great diversity in one holding. Index tracking funds often outperform active funds investing in developed stock markets over the longer term.

Decumulation Investors

As pension plan holders come to reach their chosen retirement date, important decisions need to be made. The obvious concern is the risk of taking of income from a falling asset which compounds early losses that are difficult to recover. The Achilles heel of passive investment and asset allocation is the lack of intervention when markets fall significantly.

Our dynamic volatility management through the use of trend following tactical trading moves risk assets to the safety gilts or bonds at times of market stress and so reduces the major problem of sequence of loss risk.

We seek to build long term successful relations with IFA firms. We seek to relieve you of burden and responsibility, taken on by a trusted and reliable partner, so freeing your time, ease your compliance and delivering a strong, consistent, solution based, volatility managed performance at modest and acceptable cost.

Tomiko Evans

Chief Investment Officer

Tomiko Evans Chief Investment Officer