Cautious Multi-Index Portfolio

We benchmark each Multi-Index Portfolios against the most relevant national sector average

The Cautious Multi-Index Portfolio is a tactically traded passive growth strategy managed on a discretionary basis by Crossing Point Investment Managers. It is aimed at medium to long term investors who are seeking a cautious investment that has a genuine prospect of capital growth.

The equity element of the portfolio will not exceed 40% but may in times of market weakness be reduced to zero and be replaced by UK government bonds or cash. Tactical trading strategies seek to invest into equity when market momentum is rising but retain profits by moving to the security of gilts when market momentum falls. These strategies seek to enhance overall gain and reduce risk loss.

The chosen passive index tracking funds can invest in UK and overseas equities, commercial property, fixed interest securities, natural resources, precious metals or cash. Index tracking funds replicate the stockholding of an underlying index.

Since these funds track the composition and performance of the underlying index, there are low levels of human involvement and so these funds have a lower total costs.

The Cautious Multi-Index Portfolio is benchmarked against the average performance of the IA Mixed Investment 20% - 60% Equity Sector and has a risk rating and investor profile of 4 out of 10.

Typical Asset Allocation Profile Holdings
North American Equity 5%
UK Large Cap Equity 17%
UK Mid Cap Equity 3%
UK Small Cap Equity 0%
Europe Equity 5%
Japan Equity 4%
Asian Equity 0%
Emerging Markets Equity 5%
UK Property 0%
Commodities 0%
Global Fixed Interest 8%
UK Gilts 9%
UK Index Linked Gilts 9%
UK Corporate Bonds 14%
Cash 21%
Total 100%

Historic Risk Level

Historic Risk Level 2

The historic portfolio risk level represents the historic volatility over the period 30/06/2015 to 30/06/2018, and takes into account the changing composition of the portfolio over that period of time.

Prospective Risk Level

Prospective Risk Level 3

The prospective portfolio risk level represents the expected level of future volatility of the combination of asset classes determined by using objective mathematical modelling tools taking into account past data and implied market data in the future. This derivation is based on the current asset class composition of the portfolio.

Cumulative Performance Chart

Image Description

Cumulative performance chart shows % growth from 07/12/2012 to 06/12/2017 calculated using bid prices with income re-invested into the fund net of tax. The cumulative performance chart shows how the portfolio has performed against the benchmark taking into account the changing composition of the portfolio over the period of time shown.

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