We benchmark each Multi-Asset Portfolio against the most relevant Investment Association Mixed Investment sector to evidence our performance.

Risk controlled multi-asset portfolios

We offer a range of nineteen risk-adjusted managed portfolios. They have been created for different types of investors with differing risk levels and investment strategies.

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Guardian Trend-following portfolios

Our original and signature strategy uses advanced trend-following algorithms to monitor and signal when to participate in a rising market and when to withdraw from a declining market. These portfolios are designed to provide attractive and consistent returns, while aiming to minimise volatility, drawdown, sequencing risk and cost.

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Green Path ESG portfolios

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is dedicated to sustainable growth and selects investments that support the wellbeing of our environment and society. All our investments are globally diversified and rigorously screened using ESG criteria. Green Path portfolios are long-only portfolios.

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Heritage portfolios

These long-only investment trust portfolios provide excellent returns, an increase in diversification, and can provide a more stable income than an investment in shares or unit trusts. Investment trusts were created to raise private capital to fund new projects and previously were only available to large investors. These risk-adjusted portfolios allow a globally diversified investment designed for long-term capital growth

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Heritage Dividend portfolios

Investment trusts are able to smooth dividend payments, even during times of financial difficulty, unlike open-ended-investment companies. Heritage Dividend portfolios have been created to provide natural dividend income from portfolios of investment trusts and passive bond funds.

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Across all of our ranges, we are fund selectors, asset allocators, market monitors and tactical traders.

How we work?

We work to ensure that the funds we select are some of the lowest cost index tracking funds available for each market. We also actively minimise our costs and keep our fees low compared to other DFMs.

For Guardian and Green Path ESG portfolios, we base our investments on respected asset allocation models with an additional trend following overlay. Trend following has been shown to smooth returns through the reduction of volatility, drawdown and sequencing risk. It has also been shown to outperform over entire market cycles. Trend following's strength is its ability to signal a sustained market drop. These portfolios are designed to reduce the impact of a fall in equity markets while also investing in an equity asset allocation when markets are rising.

Our Heritage portfolios invest in investment trusts which increase the diversity of underlying investments while also providing a reduction in fees compared to OEICs. Due to the nature of investment trusts longer investment periods are required and it is therefore not practical to use a trend following overlay.

All of our portfolios benefit from both low-cost investments and our low fees. Please contact us for more information about any of our investment strategies.

Our Latest Investment News

Guardian Portfolios October 2020 Review

Heritage/Green Path Update
May 2022

Following the success of trend following on the Guardian portfolios which were launched in Feb 2020, we have decided to run trend-following algorithms across all of our portfolios.