Philosophy And Process

Our investment process is focused on the active management of tracker funds. We essentially transform the passive into the active

Philosophy And Process

We control risk and return through a dynamic combination of asset allocation, market monitoring and tactical trading.

Risk adjusted, diversified asset allocation is at the core of our investment strategy.

A well-diversified portfolio is essential in accurately reflecting your clients risk profile and objectives.

At crossing point our investment philosophy not only offers the diversification porperties of asset allocation but a dynamic combination of market monitors, research and tactical trading thus enhancing performance and defensive characteristics over a more static asset allocation only approach.

Academic research has proven that overtime, passive tracker funds regularly out perform their actively managed (but more expensive) counterparts.

However, the Achilles heel of any tracker fund is that it follows downward as well as upward market movement.

At Crossing Point we take all the advantages of passive funds i.e. cost, accessibility and liquidity whilst addressing their potential weakness.

We make the passive, truly active by applying our unique investment ability, which not only to capitalise on upward market momentum but avoid the excesses of an entrenched falling market.

Investment Diversity

There is a wide range of asset classes across global markets available to investors. Modern portfolios bring together a diversity of assets such as global equities, fixed interest securities, commercial property, natural resources, precious metals, and cash.

The global balance of investments across differing asset classes is a primary driver of portfolio returns and diversified security.

An important decision when considering a suitable invesment portfolio is the level of risk you are prepared to accept. Risk is an unavoidable feature of all investment, even cash, as it loses purchasing power against inflation.

In order to reduce overall risk, a portfolio should seek to diversify its holdings across various types of investment, alternative areas of business and throughout the world economy.

Asset Allocation

It is commonly agreed from established academic research that asset allocation provides the majority of long term total returns for a managed investment portfolio. Asset allocation is the main driver of portfolio performance. However, effcient market entry and exit timing can add significantly to overall returns.

Crossing Points academic research confirms that the use of tactical trading and market timing strategies has a real impact upon overall investment returns above and beyond that of just asset allocation.

All our range of portfolios are managed in this dynamic style, with the capital preservation at their core.

Our Multi-Index Portfolios

We offer a comprehensive range of risk controlled multi-index investment strategies.

About Us

Crossing Point is a discretionary investment manager bringing together the best of academic analysis and investment expertise to create enhanced investment returns at lower risk.

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