Benefit from modest fees and passive, low-cost tracker funds in order to keep more of your returns.

Cost & Charges

Our investment portfolios are actively managed to outperform over market cycles and provide consistent risk-adjusted returns.

The cost of running an investment portfolio over the long-term has one of the highest impacts on performance. Since the introduction of MIFID11, cost transparency and cost awareness has become even more of an important factor when considering a DFM option for your clients.

We work to ensure that the funds we select are some of the lowest cost funds available for each market. We predominately use passive, tracker funds in order to obtain global market exposure at a lower price. We also complete further due diligence in order to asses the impact of any added one-off fees, transaction fees, and ongoing charges. Studies, such as the one below by the FCA, have found that paying a higher fee for an active fund not only doesn’t improve performance but higher-charging funds can often underperform cheaper funds.

To further reduce costs for your clients, we also actively minimise our costs in order to keep our fees low compared to other DFMs.

Our low management fees and dynamic use of low-cost investment instruments represent a significant evolution in effectively utilising modern access to global markets.

Cost and Charges

0.25% plus vat

Portfolio Our Fees
Fund Costs
Weighted TER
Guardian Defensive 0.30% 0.14% 0.44% View
Guardian Cautious 0.30% 0.14% 0.44% View
Guardian Balanced 0.30% 0.14% 0.44% View
Guardian Strategic 0.30% 0.14% 0.44% View
Guardian Adventurous 0.30% 0.14% 0.44% View
Green Path Cautious 0.30% 0.42% 0.72% View
Green Path Balanced 0.30% 0.40% 0.70% View
Green Path Strategic 0.30% 0.39% 0.69% View
Heritage Cautious 0.30% 0.47% 0.77% View
Heritage Balanced 0.30% 0.60% 0.90% View
Heritage Strategic 0.30% 0.74% 1.04% View
Heritage Adventurous 0.30% 0.87% 1.17% View

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Tomiko Evans Chief Investment Officer
At Crossing Point we believe high performance does not have to come at a high cost. An efficient, modern, rigorously tested approach allows us to deliver our service in a transparent, highly competitive package.

Tomiko Evans

Chief Investment Officer


Crossing Point’s trend-following strategy for portfolio management is a relatively new process. Therefore, it has to be retrospectively backtested. Our investment process follows a strict rules-based system.

We show what would have happened back to 1996 using Crossing Point’s strategy on market indexes trading into both cash and a UK All Stock gilt index when not invested into equities. We have managed live money from October 2017 further allowing us to refine our processes.

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