Your investment returns capture most of the up market gains but miss much of the down market losses.

Investment Management

Crossing Point moves away from opinion-based decision making to an academic proven set of investment rules and principles that are regularly updated and reviewed.

Asset Allocation

It is commonly agreed from established academic research that asset allocation provides the majority of long-term total returns for a managed investment portfolio. Similar to other investment managers, we adopt a full risk-related asset allocation strategy through investment diversity predominately represented by global index-tracking funds.


A combination of varying average stock price movements can, when rising, signal a buy opportunity or, when falling, can be a signal to sell.

These market momentum signals allow us to buy into equity assets as they start to build upward momentum but also tell us when to leave the asset when markets reverse. If there is a signal to sell, we then sell out of the equity market and move to the security of safer assets to protect our gains. We repurchase equity assets when upward momentum returns.

Discover today how Crossing Point's range of portfolios can provide your clients with strong, consistent risk-controlled returns.

We analyse the movement of stock market prices over differing time periods in order to decide if a market has rising momentum and should be bought or falling momentum and should be sold.

Tomiko Evans

Chief Investment Officer

Tomiko Evans Chief Investment Officer

Our Latest Investment News

monthly portfolio update

Monthly Portfolio Update
April 2020

All Guardian portfolios have outperformed across all time periods. Our further statistics such as volatility, maximum drawdown and sortino ratios are all also better than the relevant benchmarks.

Corona virus economic impact

Covid-19 outbreak market update

Although there was a rally in market values this week, we do not yet feel that there is enough information to decide to enter Guardian portfolios back into the markets. Guardian portfolios are desi...