Heritage Cautious Portfolio

Aimed at medium to long term investors who are seeking a relatively cautious investment that has a genuine prospect of capital growth.

The Heritage Cautious Portfolio is an active growth strategy. It is aimed at medium to long term investors who are seeking capital growth from a diversified portfolio of equity investment trusts.

The equity element of the portfolio will not exceed 40%.

The chosen investment trusts and investment funds can invest in UK and overseas equities, commercial property, fixed interest securities, natural resources, precious metals or cash.

The Heritage Cautious Portfolio is benchmarked against the average performance of the Mixed Investment 20%-60% equity Sector.

Cumulative Performance Chart

Image Description

Cumulative performance chart shows % growth from 30/06/2015 to 30/06/2020 calculated using bid prices with income re-invested into the fund net of tax. The cumulative performance chart shows how the portfolio has performed against the benchmark taking into account the changing composition of the portfolio over the period of time shown.